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Book Review: Far from you by Lisa Schroeder

Back cover talk:

The facts:  
Title: Far From You
Author: Lisa Schroeder
Pages: 355
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published in: January 2010
Category: YA

The back cover summary

Lost and alone, down the rabbit hole
Alice thought she knew what solitude was:
Her mother - gone
Her father - remarried with a newborn daughter
Now trapped in  the icy embrace of a deadly snowstorm Alice faces the true meaning of loneliness.
But hope may not be as far away as she thinks.

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Geek Girl Talk

I have had this book sitting on my shelves for quite some time now, and yesterday I came across it when reorganizing my bookcases. Yes yesterday, you read that correct.
That is how fast I devoured this book. Although I must say that by the unique way this book is written you will fly through the pages. No kidding.
It took a little getting used to the way Lisa Schroeder has written this book since it is as different from other "Normal" books like day and night. This book is written to what for me resembles a poem form or journal style most. If you look at the pages, they do not contain a whole lot of worlds like you will find in a "normal" book. A page packed with little word but the few words that do contain these pages are pure and hit home just as good as any normal page would. The chapters or poems/journal entries are sometimes a few pages long, and sometimes just a few lines. No matter how long or short they are, they all bring something special to this story.
Even though it took me a little getting used to, very soon I found that this story caught me and did not seemed to want to let me to. Nor did I want to let the book go. I had to. Since I had to get some sleep in sometime.
I confess I hardly ever cry when reading a book, but this book made me cry! Big watery tears down my cheeks, a box of tissues always near.
It a very relatable story. And I think that that is exactly where it's power of  this story really lies.
I found it very easy to connect with the main character Alice. And I found my own heart going out for this girl throughout the story.
I am not going to let any words out on how this book will end. I think that is something for the future reader to find out. All I will tell is that it is worth it.
Bind all of the things above together and you have yourself a must read.
I am sure about it.
A book you will pick up and will not put down until you have reached the end.
It sure made me curious towards the other books Lisa Schroeder has written. I am surely going to pick those up to.

The verdict

A beautiful relating story and a unique way of writing.

Total of Geek Stars: Out of 5

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