Thursday, July 23, 2015


Welcome all to my  new blog.
Many of you might know me from the BJD (ball jointed doll) hobby which I love dearly.
I am an active member of the BJD community and have a special, Blog, Website, Commissions, Instagram and Tumblr dedicated to my BJD's and everything I do in the hobby.
Click in the links to learn more about my BDJ's. ;)

But I am more than just Kyanara-BJD. More than the girl with the obsession for very expensive dolls.
I am a huge movie junky, I looooove watching series, I do love to read when I find the time too. And I love other kinds of photograph besides BJD's. You could say that I am a real nerdy geek girl, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Some people might even say, I am a little crazy at times... (well, most of the time) But that is what makes me, me. And I am very proud to say I am a pleasantly loony.

Lately I found myself having the urge to sometimes share things about my other passions besides BJD's. But my other blog never seemed the right place to do so as it is a BJD dedicated blog.
Today I decided to give an old blog, which I haven't used since 2012, a new life. And I am going to dedicate it to everything I love in my life which has nothing to so with my BJD's. But also will I share some other thing that go on in my life, Struggles I face, dilemma's I have to overcome.
I am a firm believer in sharing things like this and tell my story and how I face them, conquer them so that when someone else is facing the same problem, might find my stories helpful so they can face their own problem.

So.. yeah....
That is what this blog is going to be about. My life besides BJD's.
Hope you all like it!

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