Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Movie Review: The three musketiers (2011)

Movie Details

Numbers and facts

Name of movie: The three musketiers 2011
Released in: oktober 2011

Runtime: 110 min
Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Writing credits: Alex Litvak, Andrew Davies, Alexandre Dumas Pere

Actors and Roles

Matthew Macfadyen - Athos
Milla Jovovich - Milady de Winter
Luke Evans - Aramis
Ray Stevenson - Porthos
Til Schweiger - Cagliostro
Orlando Bloom -  Duke of Buckingham
Logan Lerman - D'Artagnan
Mads Mikkelsen - Rochefort
Christoph Waltz - Richelieu
Freddie Fox - King Lious XIII of France
Carsten Norgaard - Jussac
Gabriella Wilde - Constance
James Corden - Planchet
Juno Temple - Queen Anne


Geek Girl Talk

Ever since this movie was released I have been wanting to see it
But I never got to seeing it in the cinema's as it only showed in 3D and I am not a huge 3D fan.
But last week I discovered Film 1 was going to show the movie. I noted the date on my calander and yesterday me and The Male  posted out behind on the couch and watched it.
At first I though... Damn this movie looks a whole lot like the Three musketiers movie from 1993, only with other players. Link to 1993 movie: Click.
And I would know as I have seen the 1993 movie a thousand times. (Yes I like that movie)
So I was kind of confused about that. I was hoping for something new, as the trailers had promised.
But after that beginning part, the movie took on a total different story. Which I ofcourse liked.
I do must confess that some of the special effects, especially in the first few minutes of the movie, were a bit overdone, and looked so fake, it made me laugh. Later on in  the movie the effects did got better, and where less fake, but still you can easily point them out.
This movie was made out to be a steampunk movie. And since I am a steamer myself, I kind of was looking for that steam part in this movie. Yes there where some steampunk elements, which where at some points really awesome. So not real disappointments there. I especially loved how they mad ethe airships. They where just as I would have imagined airships whould have been if there really would have been a steampunk era. So, plus points for that.
Although I would more likely call it a movie with steampunk elements, instead of a Steampunk movie.
When looking at the story itself. I was quite an interesting story. I liked the plot. Which I think is something that has to be said. It kept me interested, kept me on the edge of my seat, I had not problems with staying concentrated on the movie itself, even when my kitty was being a pain in the behind.
Ofcourse a good movie is also is made possible by a great cast that did what they should do. Put down great characters and a great movie.
I found that being a adventure movie, it also has some hilarious moments. Which I always really like.
Come to think of it. I do not really have abything bad to say about it except for the somewhat irritatingly overdone special effects in the beginning of the movie.
Need I say more? ;)

Conclusion: A great fantasy adventure movie
Would I watch it again?: yes!
Who would I reccomend this movie to: Steampunk lovers and lovers of fantasy adventure movies

Geek Stars: out of 5

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