Monday, July 27, 2015

Re-posting old movie and book reviews

Geek Girl Updates

Most of you won't know this, and I can not blame you for it as it has been light years ago.
But I used to have a blog I dedicated to book and movie reviews. The blog (of which I can not really remember the name of anymore, it has been that long ago) is long gone and deleted. BUT! I did save all the reviews I did on a back up.
I think it's a shame they just sit there. 
Unshared and unloved and unread.
So that is why I decided to re-post them on this blog.

I will be doing some editing to the layout and how I present them as the layouts just do not fit this blog anymore. But slowly they will, one by one, find their way back onto the world wide web.

The old reviews will be combined with new ones, because I did not stop watching movies or reading books. And all of them deserve to be scrutinized by little geeky me. *Wink wink*

So keep an eye or a telescope, what ever suits you preferences, out for the reviews to come!

Geek-Gruzzels from yours truly

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