Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Movies I want to see: The Danish girl

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This is a movie that is a little outside of my usual comfort zone of movies. But I saw this trailer pop by on my Facebook news feed and it intrigued me and caught my attention.
Easy click of the button and I was off watching this trailer. "Dayum!!!" That was all I could think for the firsts few seconds, after which the only thing still on my mind was. When can I see it? I NEED to see this one.
The trailer sure did a really good job of getting my interest. It seemed to me the actors were perfectly fit to play the characters they do and with that it seemed that the level of acting was of really high quality. Though I find it hard to believe a movie could suck ass with an actor as Eddy Redmayne in it. (I really do think he is a very good actor indeed, kind of adore this man *blush*)
And honestly. He makes one hell of a pretty lady! *shock* There I said it!
To bad I have to wait until 2016 to be able to see it in theaters here in the Netherlands. Big Boo for that. But this one is officially on my to watch list now!

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